Mission Statement: Empowering automation in digital healthcare to save lives and improve quality of life.

Every life is precious. We can all end up at the mercy of professional medical care at one point in our lives. What if we can offer some assistance to those professionals taking care of our health with technology? Xandar Kardian was created to focus on one part of the human body that can provide early indiciation of health deterioration: nano-vibrational data from heart beat, breathing and motion.

The journey began in 2011 when professor Sung Ho, James, Cho (Alumnus Award recipient from University of Utah and Electrical Engineering Professor for over 30 years at Hanyang University), gathered a group of Ph.D. signal processing engineers to push the limits on radar technology. This resulted in over 24 peer-reviewed journal publications and dozens of patents. In 2016, Professor Cho met with a serial entrepreneur from Canada, Sam Yang, who spawned the vision of turning the research into a commercial product focused in proptech and healthcare. It certainly wasn’t an easy journey. While many competitors utilized ready-made evaluation algorithms to go to market faster, Xandar Kardian decided to adhere to its principles and worked on becoming a medical device company by conducting numerous clinical trials and fine-tuning the system for several years. By April 2021, it wrote history by becoming the first commercially available FDA 510(k) cleared class II medical device to have both RHR and RR monitoring using radar.

Now, a new journey begins. To achieve our mission, we are eager to work with hospitals, LTC facilities and telehealth companies and start deploying the solution. Please contact Xandar Kardian team to find out more on how to become a client or partner.


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Xandar Kardian is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Our Radar R&D Lab is in Seoul.

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

1 King Street West, 48th Floor
Ontario M5H 1A1, Canada

Radar R&D: Seoul, Korea

#309, Seongsuil-Ro 10-Gil
Seongdong-gu, Seoul
South Korea 04793

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